Francesco Secci

Francesco Secci

Associate Professor

I started my scientific career in 2003 as an organic chemistry PhD student, working on the development of new synthetic strategies for the synthesis of bioactive strained carbocyclic systems, under the supervision of Prof. Pier Paolo Piras (UniCa) and Dr. Jean Ollivier (Universitè Paris-Sud). After a one year post-doctoral fellowship funded by C.I.N.M.P.I.S., in 2009, I joined the Peter O’Brien research group at the University of York, where I started a three years Marie-Curie TOK post-doc regarding the enantioselective synthesis of P-stereogenic ligands by using organolithium bases/(-)-sparteine and (+)-sparteine surrogate complexes. Once back to Italy, in 2010, we won a generous national FIRB grant which gave me the chance to start my own research. Finally, after a 3 years tenure track, in 2019, I have been appointed associate professor in organic chemistry.

My research  interests are mostly focused in the development of novel aspects of catalysis and the eco-friendly synthesis of complex molecular architectures with biological activity, the construction of useful building blocks and dyes for technological applications.

In detail we actually work on the development of several stereo and enantioselective synthetic methodologies for the preparation and/or functionalization of carbo- and heterocyclic compounds.

 We investigate new low-impact sulphur oxidation processes, catalytic tandem sulfanylation-C4-C3 ring contraction processes, and acid promoted intramolecular cyclization reactions involving sulphur-containing reagents.

Photochemistry and photocatalysis; through a long and productive collaboration with researchers of the University of Paris Sud, we developed new and efficient photochemical [2+2]-procedures for the synthesis of various cyclobutane amino acids and the investigation of intramolecular Norish-Yang type II cyclization reactions of 1,2-diketones under flow or batch conditions.

 As a teacher, I manage and carry out a basic organic chemistry course for first year students in toxicological sciences and quality control and an advanced organic synthesis course for second year students in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies.

While in our doctoral school, I deal with two courses dedicated to postgraduate students, regarding basics of photochemistry and photocatalysis in organic synthesis and flow chemistry.

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